So yesterday, i went to see a friend.

The minute I got to her house, it became evident something good was cooking. An unmistaken aroma of creamy tomato chicken jollof rice.

I perceived the unique flavor of MeenaM Blends; All-purpose seasoning spread around red bell pepper, Scotch bonnet with a hint of shallots. The aroma is heaven without hesitating; you swallow to have a taste.

On seeing her couldn’t help but inform her. Your food is inviting hope you intend to serve your neighbors too. We all smiled. I wasn’t hungry, but I had to continue from where I had stopped.

She hands me a plate to serve, which I did. And she did too. I sang my spoon into the rice, got a spoonful, and up to my mouth.

Umm! Super tasty and hot. not up to five scoops, I had to swallow gasping for air And later water hurriedly.

My tongue was on fire, but because the rice is so delicious, I kept eating, only that at this point, I need more than water to cool down my burning tongue.


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