Part of Being Human

Part of being human is an ordinance. That life automates problems, issues, crises, tension, and ultimately pain; It’s no lie. But wait! Wait to Imagine life without this skewness. Our intelligence will be minimal, and I doubt if we would have been smart.
It’s a known Northern Nigerian fact that 70 years ago, It welcomed foreigners. The Hausa people have a courteous culture of receiving people with good food, shelter, and humility, for it cost them nothing to accommodate people. Many Foreign tribes and culture became part of northern Nigeria through this hospitality. Its honor to shelter visitors, especially the one looking for a new settlement. Integrity was at its peak, and true friendship was what binds them.

Sometimes in August, I was in court. And cases unfold one after the other, each with an edge but not out of the ordinary. However, one particular case strokes me. Among all, it a situation that isn’t a case but carried a weight the plaintiff and the complainant could not bear.
In this case, a woman in her late fifties by the name Lanti is complaining about Abudu, Who has refused them their inheritance to her grandfather’s room.
Lanti, who is the granddaughter of jatau, came back to the village after 40 years to claim their inheritance. A room Jatau had. She came with only one relative. None of her siblings came with her because none still lives in the Kaduna state.

Metters away from Zaria is a village called unguwan dau. Unguwan dau is a beautiful disperse settlement with a few thousand people, mostly farmers.
Mallam Barau lived and died in unguwan dau and is the grandfather of the plaintiff Abudu.

Abudu, a 61-year-old man and the grandson of mallam Barau, came with an entourage of almost ten people. His defense, claim the said room was given to Jatau because he is a slave to his grandfather, and so, therefore, the place is not rightly Lanti’s.

Different complexity is human behavior. The diffusion of one reaction with the practice of others is what makes life eventful. It could be a complicated case or a simple, no case at all. It is what it is. Lanti and Abudu’s fact is a simple, no case at all. Here is why
1. Both complainant and plaintiff have no reliable witness. It’s all allegations. They all are basing their arguments on their thoughts and the thoughts of other
2. If, indeed, Barau gave Jatau a room, why should Abudu deny Lanti and her siblings their inheritance?
3. Lanti who left the village when she was a child should not come back after 40 years to claim what her father did not claim
4. Their grandparents had a beautiful relationship. They should cherish that companoinship. Most certainly, the cold war was never the intent.

If you think this case is archaic, well come to the 21 century, where people are on edge fitting into a cold war. The world is saturated, and we need to filter. It would help if you gauged people and situations continually. Like what value does this thing or person add to me? And vise Versa. How long is it going to go on me? Your answer to these questions will go a long way to determine what is worth your peace or time.

So far, I’ve realized very little to nothing is worth my peace or time.



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